Article was biased against Chelsea

Published 6:43 pm Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Your reporter, Ricky Ruston, did not meet your company’s goals of reporting news accurately and without bias. The “without bias” part is what I would like to focus on here, in his article published on Oct. 25 titled “Wildcats Reclaim Bragging Rights.”

First of all, there was a photo caption that read, “Shelby County students cheered throughout the game Friday without a moment of complete quietness.” This is absolutely untrue. When Chelsea scored on their first possession of the night, everyone in the Shelby County bleachers was quiet. I know. I was there.

Nothing was written about the officials being on the side of Shelby County. For example, there was blatant pass interference against Chelsea, especially on Blake Woo, which was not called.

Was your reporter there at the game? Did he see the way that Ryan Herring, Shelby County’s head coach, was at least 10 yards on the field and no one said anything to him?

Nothing was written about the childish and immature behavior of the Shelby County fan base. After a Wildcat touchdown, students painted in white and red, carrying a Wildcat flag, attempted to run between the Chelsea cheerleaders and the football sideline, carrying the flag, yelling. To my surprise, an official actually said something to those students. That was the best call by an official for Chelsea all night.

Did anyone go back and check the penalties assessed for the game? If you go back and watch the game, you’ll realize that the officials were very blatant with their calls for Shelby County.

Maybe you don’t realize that your readers are from Chelsea, as well. Chelsea is in Shelby County. We are part of your publication base. We will make sure to let everyone know about your bias and tainted reporting.

Keep striving to reach your goals. They sure were not met with this story.