Hoover looks to keep employees longer

Published 6:30 pm Wednesday, November 12, 2008

City of Hoover employees in for the long haul could find themselves the recipients of some nice parting gifts, such as free vehicles and insurance for the rest of their lives.

Under the city’s 100-year plan, city employees whose age and years of service with the city add up to 100 are eligible for special benefits, said city attorney Mark Boardman.

Those employees can continue insurance through the city for the rest of their lives, and their spouses can also continue insurance through the city until they reach the age for Medicare eligibility.

Also, employees assigned city vehicles could keep the vehicles upon retirement.

“The city wants to recognize employees who have given long employment to the city,” Boardman said. “This is just another step towards rewarding employees that have dedicated years of service.”

City of Hoover employees are eligible for retirement after 25 years of service, or 10 years if the employee is 60 or older.

Boardman said over the past few months Hoover has made extra efforts to recognize long-standing employees, beginning with a July 2008 resolution to recognize employee milestones and continuing with an August luncheon for employees with 25 years of service or longer.

“These are valuable employees who know a lot about the city,” Boardman said.

Over the next 10 years, 31 employees will become eligible for these special benefits. At this point, no one has signed up for the benefits.

“I’m not looking for people to sign up, I’m looking for them to stay longer,” Boardman said.