IRS wants to return money

Published 6:21 am Friday, November 21, 2008

Most of the time, people don’t want to hear that the Internal Revenue Service is after them. But that’s not the case for the 151 Shelby County residents who are owed money from the federal government.

The IRS is trying to find locals to claim their share of more than $147,000.

The money comes from tax refunds and economic stimulus checks that were returned due to wrong addresses or other mailing errors.

Shelby County’s unclaimed checks total $147,658, an average of $950 per check.

“Just a simple address update will allow the IRS to get this money into the hands of its owners,” said IRS spokesman Dan Boone.

Refund checks are mailed to a taxpayer’s last known address. People wanting to update an address can do so online at or by calling 1-866-234-2942.

Taxpayers who are due a economic stimulus checks should act fast, the last day to update addresses for those checks is Nov. 28. By federal law mandates those checks be sent out by Dec. 31 of this year.

Shelby County residents owed money are:

Justin Allen, Montevallo

Kimberly Allen, Alabaster

Michael P. Anderson, Alabaster

Brian J. Ardovino, Calera

Michael W. Atkinson, Alabaster

Jacob M. Avery, Wilsonville

Alethia Y. Baker, Montevallo

Shana L. Barton, Birmingham

Jason L. Batson, Birmingham

Melody Bivins, Alabaster

Terrence L. Blackburn, Harpersville

Cassie W. Blevins, Calera

Joyce F. Blevins, Wilsonville

Jim W. Boykin, Montevallo

Frank Brown, Alabaster

Lynsey K. Buckelew, Montevallo

Brooke D. Byars, Birmingham

James R. Cadle, Calera

Christopher Carter, Montevallo

Joseph T. Castaing Jr., Pelham

Fermina Cervantes, Montevallo

Anthony H. Chaffin, Pelham

Beau Chambers, Calera

Leonardo & Maria Garcia, Alabaster

Miss Wruck Clara, Calera

Johnny Clifton, Calera

Chavonne R. Cook, Birmiingham

Michael W. Coplen, Harpersville

Christopher Cucinotta, Birmingham

Christopher G. Cummings, Wilsonville

Jenifer Cuneo, Helena

Zachary J. Cuneo, Helena

Stephen L. Dahlin, Pelham

Angela R. Dawson, Wilsonville

Jesse M. & Lyndsey D. Moran Decker, Wilsonville

Patrick L. Decker, Birmingham

Eranga N. Devasurendra, Birmingham

Christy Eady, Birmingha

Vita Edwards, Birmingham

Betty Falkenburg, Helena

Joey Fields, Birmingham

Concepcion A. Flores, Pelham

Anita C. & William A. Floyd, Birmingham

Velma S. Floyd, Sterrett

Elizabeth Ford, Birmingham

Victoria Fowler, Columbiana

Robert Wayne & Charlotte G. Fox, Maylene

Susan D. Gable, Shelby

Ann M. Garrett, Columbina

Wendy S. George, Shelby

Georgios & Charlotte J. Gerontakis, Harpersville

John Gerontakis, Harpersville

Hillary & William Ginas, Helena

McRay & Myra Jo Gingo, Alabaster

Kimberly B. Godbey, Columbiana

Irene Gray, Montevallo

Mark Green, Alabaster

Terrell V & Sonya P. Grisham, Birmingham

Ashley M. Hale, Calera

Sherry L. Hale, Vincent

Jason A. Hall, Montevallo

Shannon Hamilton, Vincent

Kurt A. Hand, Helena

Jeffry P. Hebert, Pelham

Tabatha A. Henderson, Birmingham

Rene Hernandez Silva, Saginaw

Bonifacio & Delfina Hernandez, Calera

Stacey K. Hollis, Birmingham

Andrew P. Iannotti III, Columbiana

Natalie Jackson, Alabaster

Timothy D. & Tonya Jacobs, Wilsonville

Jimmy L. Johnson, Alabaster

Nicholas S. Jones, Columbiana

Patrica J. Jones, Montevallo

Tammy Key, Wilsonville

Deedlon M. Kirkland, Alabaster

Curtis L. Kitchens, Birmingham

William J. & Lilliane K. Koopman, Pelham

Christopher & A Bosarge Lawerence, Birmingham

Willie Ledlow, Montevallo

Johnny Lee, Helena

Ronald B. Livengood Sr., Calera

Dainisha D. Lucas, Alabaster

Michael J. Lukacovic, Birmingham

James E. Lynn Jr., Harpersville

Tom F. Mallory, Columbiana

Angela Martin, Montevallo

David S. & Wendy H. Martin, Birmingham

Donald E. McCarty, Alabster

Jeremy W. McDonald, Calera

W.B. McGreger, Birmingham

Kimberly M. McKinney, Calera

Taylor Melendez, Calera

Victor Mendez, Alabaster

Jorge Mendoza, Alabaster

Juana Mendoza, Alabaster

Angel C. Moctezuma, Calera

Lauren K. Moon, Calera

Charles V. Moshier Jr., Birmingham

Clement E. & Alice Muck Jr., Helena

Bobby Mullins, Columbiana

Leonard & Margaret Mungai Mwaura, Pelham

Blanche D. Myers, Birmingham

Zackery M. Myers, Calera

Angela Nathan, Montevallo

David C. O’Neal, Columbiana

Cody D. Palmer, Birmingham

Ronald W. Parrott, Sterrett

Norman K. & Janey H. Patty, Pelham

Lindsey Pearson, Pelham

Davonte Peck, Harpersville

Jorge Pena, Birmingham

Katheryn L. Pewitt, Pelham

David A. Price, Pelham

Michael Putman, Helena

Cawanya Raymer, Birmingham

Sawmeka Rhinehart, Montevallo

Eric L. & Mary I. Rodrique, Helena

William D. Roy, Montevallo

John C. Sanford, Pelham

Lekisha N. Sankey, Columbiana

Sofia Schroeder, Birmingham

Jesse Simon, Birmingham

Diana M. Smith, Chelsea

Robert L. Smith, Birmingham

Joshua Snyder, Birmingham

Anita L. Staggs, Montevallo

Jesse W. Sudduth III, Calera

Elizabeth Swain, Alabaster

Arthur J. Swift, Alabaster

James R. Talton, Shelby

James A. & Rhonda G. Thrasher, Birmingham

J. Barry Tidwell, Birmingham

Vatisha S. Tolbert, Pelham

Robert T. Trenholm, Alabaster

Shelia P. Verciglio, Birmingham

Cynthia S. Vines, Helena

Nereida Virrey, Alabaster

Swaroop S. Vitta, Birmingham

Rodney Walker, Alabaster

Lindsay L. Walls, Birmingham

Barbara L. Walters, Birmingham

Alvin R. Watson, Wilsonville

Christina A. Williams, Chelsea

Dennis Williams, Montevallo

Timothy J. Williams, Alabaster

Chadrick L. Wooley, Alabaster

Mark T. Worley, Alabaster

Tkaiya Young, Montevallo

Tyler K. Youngblood, Wilsonville