Getting health help

Published 4:45 pm Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It’s a sad situation that here, in Shelby County, there are still people who can’t afford health insurance and have to worry they won’t be able to get care in the event of an accident.

With 7,000 uninsured Shelby County residents between the ages of 20-64, we’re seeing that not having insurance is a problem that affects people of all ages, from college students to retirees. No matter what your income is, medical bills are hard to pay off — and if you have a low-paying job or no job at all, such bills are impossible to pay.

County residents are fortunate to have help. For University of Montevallo students, the university itself offers an insurance policy.

For those with nowhere else to turn, the Community of Hope free health clinic offers a place to go. The volunteer doctors and nurses there give of themselves to make sure even poor Shelby County residents can take care of their families. It’s great to see this sense of giving back.

However, it’s sad some have to worry about this in the first place. We all need to make sure we think ahead. College students should make sure they think about how to afford insurance after graduation, whether it be through a job or with an individual insurance policy. Others should remember that anything can happen and try to save up money for a rainy day — or a rainy few months, as the case may be.

If you need help, call Community of Hope at 715-5464 or UM Health Services at 665-6275.