High school bullying too much to take

Published 4:41 pm Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dear Editor,

My daughter attends a Shelby County High School where she is having a difficult time with bullies. They first asked her several times to attend parties where drinking, drugs and sex are involved. We as parents have talked to her regarding things like this and she decided that this is not the kind of lifestyle she wants to be a part of.

Now that she does not attend the parties, the kids at school threaten her and bully her to the point where she wants to be removed from school. The kids have even started rumors about me and even though she knows that they are not true, her other friends’ opinions really matter to her. I do not know what avenue to take. I am going to see the principal and whoever can help this situation.

I never thought that my daughter would be a target just because of her Christian values and morals. I feel that she will need help in dealing with this. I pray that this does not go on in every school in Shelby County.