Animals deserve caring

Published 4:34 pm Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We were shocked to learn that the Shelby County Humane Society had seen almost 1,000 more animals so far this year than they did all of last year. It was even more saddening to learn that most of those animals were strays who likely never had loving owners.

There’s no excuse for the overpopulation of animals in Shelby County. People here should be smarter than that.

It’s ridiculous that these animals are born into a life of suffering just because local pet owners won’t get their pets spayed or neutered. It’s true that getting animals fixed costs money — however, the Humane Society has launched its Quick Fix program, and spaying or neutering only costs $15 to $65.

Caring for a pet is expensive. If you can’t afford to get your pet spayed or neutered, even at Quick Fix prices, you probably can’t afford to have a pet at all.

The overpopulation of strays in Shelby County is a real problem, both for the Humane Society and for county residents. Having these dogs out on the streets isn’t safe for anyone, and when they get taken to the Humane Society, they take up room that could go to pets whose families had to give them up. Because the strays are so overpopulated, those other pets have no shot at a new home. That’s just not fair to any of those animals — or to us.

For more information on getting your pet spayed or neutered, call 643-3499 or e-mail