Feeling good about living in Shelby County

Published 10:06 am Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dear Editor,

As I drive through our vast, beautiful and geographically diverse county, I cannot help but feel comfort and relief about where I live and work. We all know very well the difficult issues we each face every day.

These issues are well documented in newspapers, television and the Internet, but my purpose is not to reiterate these problems; rather, it is to show you why those of us in Shelby County have a reason to be comforted. I may have a slight bias as this is now the place I call home, but bear with me and let me show you what I mean.

The Shelby County model of government is so well-respected around the state and nation that our county manager and many commissioners are often asked to speak about how other counties might be able to incorporate this model.

Recently, one of our own local counties held a meeting looking into our own form of government. I call this respect if nothing else, and certainly proof that we are doing it right.

Our state legislators’ record speaks for itself, if for no other reason than consistent re-election. But watch them work. They are open, approachable, and dependable people that have their constituents and districts best interest in mind, not their own egos.

The proof of this is their willingness to work with one another. Even when they might not agree on an issue, personalities are put aside and the problem is worked out.

Whether we voted for them or not or even agree with them on every topic, we must agree that they serve us well and represent Shelby County admirably in Montgomery.

Our other elected officials (mayors, councilmen, commissioners, etc.) appear to be cut from this same mold. They are willing to work alongside one another, others in the county and even state officials to the benefit of everyone. Even when things don’t go their way, as in the recent events in Calera, work continues.

I see the benefit in looking on the bright side every once in a while. It’s good to live in Shelby County and I am comforted to know we are governed well. Not just for this holiday season, but for the years to come.