Man arrested for unlocked car burglaries

Published 11:10 am Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Helena police have arrested a suspect in connection with as many as 15 recent Helena car burglaries.

Jason Heath Jenkins, of Bessemer, was arrested Tuesday. Jenkins confessed to stealing property from a string of cars early Tuesday morning.

All of the cars were unlocked, said Police Capt. Tim Carter.

“Every one of these vehicles was unlocked. The person didn’t have to break in. All he had to do was open the doors,” Carter said.

Police also believe Jenkins is connected with more local car burglaries and a burglary of an occupied residence in Hoover.

Jenkins is being transferred to the Shelby County Jail and will have his bond set later today.

Carter cautioned that everyone should lock their cars, even when they’re at home.

“There’s people that go around neighborhoods at night just trying car doors,” he said. “When they find an unlocked car, they go in and take what they can get.”

Helena police are trying to return all the property found in Jenkins’ vehicle to the rightful owners. For more information, contact Carter or Sgt. Brad Flynn at 663-6499.