Trees, bells and kettles fulfill needs

Published 8:23 am Monday, December 15, 2008

Angel Trees, hand bells and red kettles have assisted the poor and needy for many years via the services of The Salvation Army.

You would be hard pressed to go shopping too many places without running into a bell ringer or see tree with names on paper ornaments waiting to be pulled. These methods have provided help for thousands of families that might not otherwise have food, clothing or toys for their children or any Christmas cheer at all.

The Salvation Army has been in existence for more than 100 years and helped countless people in even more countless ways. As far back as World War I and World War II, they provided warm meals to our soldiers abroad.

They have also provided financial assistance to senior citizens, meals to the hungry, clothing to the poor and toys to children. They are about more than just meeting the three basic needs in life: food, shelter and clothing. They are most well known for bringing Christmas cheer and helping meet the spiritual needs of people they serve as well.

Alabaster is home to the Alabama Thrift Store whose proceeds go to the Salvation Army. They also have an office, a community worship center and more to serve the needy in our community. They are a vital part of ensuring that every family that needs help gets it. As you can imagine, that is quite an expensive feat.

There are numerous ways you can help Shelby County’s Salvation Army this year. You can be a bell ringer and collect funds via the red kettle approach or you can take a name from one of their Angel Trees to make a child’s Christmas wish list come true. You can donate money, food, clothing, furniture or your time. You can also shop at their thrift store in Alabaster.

Shelby County is fortunate in not having an over abundance of people who need help and we are even more fortunate to have an organization such as The Salvation Army who works hard to help everyone of them.

Call 663-7105 to ask for specific needs in Shelby County.