Students learn financial literacy

Published 8:34 pm Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Two local companies, REMTECH Inc. and Red Mountain Bank, have combined resources to better educate high school students on matters of personal finance.

REMTECH Inc. is a software development company based out of the Innovation Depot. Their premier software product is called TimeMAPS; which stands for Time Management for Achieving Personal Success (in life and money). It converts a passive textbook-based classroom into a dynamic classroom where students use the power of computers and technology to learn essential money management and life skills.

The TimeMaps program they’ve brought to the schools aims to ensure that the next generation can make better decisions in regards to credit cards, mortgages and investments.

Red Mountain Bank has signed on to sponsor the integration of TimeMAPS into three local high schools. The three schools that were selected were Mountain Brook High School, Spain Park High School and Hoover High School.