Elves are on the loose in Pelham

Published 10:00 am Tuesday, December 23, 2008

As Christmas approaches, more and more elf activity has been reported in the Pelham area.

Many children are now in possession of elves that appear after Thanksgiving in the homes of unsuspecting families.

By day, these elves seem like inanimate dolls. However, during the night, as families sleep, these Christmas creatures enjoy the run of the house creating mischief and mayhem.

Valley Intermediate School Assistant Principal Debbie Horton reports that the elves that belong to her children look deceptively cute and harmless each night at bedtime. “Unfortunately,” says Mrs. Horton, “sometimes my daughters’ elves are not so cute in the morning.”

One night, I had placed a basket of laundry that needed folding in the bedroom. The next morning the clothes were strewn about the floor and our elf was sitting right in the middle of those clothes.”

When asked if any school vandalism has been reported that might be attributed to the elves, Mrs. Horton was happy to divulge that no elf sightings or mischief have been reported at school.

My family first became aware of visiting elves two years ago. Some of my daughter’s second–grade classmates would share details about their elves’ escapades.

When my daughter asked questions, she was stunned that many of her classmates had Christmas elves-in-residence in their homes. Always a brave child, Faith asked how she might acquire an elf for our home.

My daughter’s classmates told her to e–mail Santa. If Santa had any elves that he could spare, one would surely appear at her house.

The second–graders were right. After Faith’s email communication with Santa, it took only days for an elf to appear in our home. Later in the season, another elf arrived.

The elves must be fed nightly. Each family must come to know about the feeding habits of their elves. Our elves like crackers. They make a tremendous mess leaving more crumbs on the floor than they could possibly be getting in their mouths. And once these creatures have eaten, we never know what they’ll do next. Why, we nearly had to get ladders to get them down from the top of the Christmas tree last week!

Soon after the elves’ arrival this year, they tore through some of my important school papers in search of writing materials. Now we are careful to leave paper and pencil out for the elves.

The elves around Pelham add a delightful magic to Christmases these days. And even though they’re sometimes badly behaved, families always forgive them.

After all, that’s what Christmas is all about-magic, joy, and grace. On Christmas Eve, Santa takes the elves back to the North Pole, and Pelham will return to normal-until next year.

Connie Nolen can be reached by e–mail at cnolen@shelbyed.k12.al.us.