MMS ambassadors erect Angel Tree

Published 10:04 am Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The ambassadors at Montevallo Middle School are a group of young leaders who believe in leading by example.

They aptly exemplified the Christmas spirit when they erected a beautiful angel tree in the foyer of the school. Each of the tree’s angel represents, anonymously, one of their less fortunate classmates and that person’s special wish.

Other students, teachers and community members have adopted the angels-just for Christmas giving. A good question is: Just who benefits most from the project? One of the ambassadors was heard to say, “I had so much fun. I picked out something that I know I would have liked, so it was easy. I only got one gift for the girl, but I know it’s one thing that she might not have had if I hadn’t helped.”

“I had more fun shopping for this child than I’ve had in a long time,” explained a community member who had adopted an angel. “It seemed that everything just fell into place. I know God will bless the people who helped these children.”

The ambassadors are outstanding eighth–graders; most of whom have graduated from the seventh grade Leaders of Tomorrow program. Both programs give constructive leadership training, with emphasis on positive role modeling, to students who have shown strong leadership potential.

The ambassadors serve as hosts and hostesses for special events at the school guiding visitors around the campus. Earlier this year they sponsored Red Ribbon Week –– encouraging awareness of the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. They also plan inspirational activities for the advising period held each morning at the school.

Officers of this year’s ambassadors are: President Landon Goodwin, Vice-President Jamesia Blue, Secretary/Treasurer Molly Gewalt, and Reporter Donna Harris. Su Beard and Audra Edwards are the co-sponsors.

The organization needs support. In spite of the fundraisers they have had, they still need money for identifying shirts and for a planned field trip.

Those readers who are interested in helping the ambassador program with time and talent or with a monetary gift may call Ms. Beard at 682-6410 or contact her at

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