Seniors’ second-grade wishes revisited

Published 2:00 pm Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This is the time of year when we help children send their letters to Santa. Over the past two years I’ve come across a number of student-athletes’ letters while digging through the archives, I figured this Christmas Eve would be a good time to revisit our senior athletes’ second-grade letters as written in 1998.

Dear Santa …

-Thompson’s Jordan Chism: I love when you bring me shoes. I want you to bring a bike. I want a big cat. I want a big god. I want a big truck. I want a go cart. I want a dog. I want a cat. I want a baby puppy. I want a toy boy Doti. I want a Gaupet. I want a book.

-Thompson’s Rebekah Raymond: I would like a horse. I would like lots of books. I would like all kinds of things.

-Spain Park’s Darius McMullin: For Christmas I want a go kart and a play station for Christmas and I want games for my plays station.

-Pelham’s Dexter Paschel: I want a playstation. Also I want a watch bike waterball Matchbox BatMan Gameboy Lost World toys a hat a fishing rod a Big bad puff a toy sword a set of Legos a Gozilla toy a watergun a pair of glasses a clock some paydoe raceing track and some cars.

-Shelby County’s Cycola Buie: How are you? I want a bike and a TV and a move. I love you.

-Shelby County’s Wesley Howard: I want me a play station and some playstation games. Nock on my door because I want to see you. And Santa breeg my mom a surt with Rudolph on the surt. I want two playstations. One at my mom’s and one me ninnies. I want something for my dad to. Next time I want to help my dad kill a dore. And I want to help my pe-paw. And help my bruther make egerreeder. I want a chalpuling at my pe-paws and my ma-maws hous and my dads hous and my moms hous. I want a mockano chrow car like it is a car and it ters to a boozozer.

-Cornerstone’s Josh Dunnaway: I would like to have another puppy please. How is Mrs. Claus? Is she making cookies. Are the Elfs making toys and what are the raindeer doing. I will wonder what you are doing?