I voted, what’s next?

Published 8:17 pm Monday, December 29, 2008

When most people think about their civic duty, they tend to think about one thing, voting. In fact, the site of those little “I voted” stickers is still very fresh on mind from November. It seemed everyone I saw that day had one on. However, it appears to me that people assume that their role in the process ends there.

I am unsure whether or not this is because people do not care to be further involved or if it is because they do not know how to. I would like to use this small space to urge you to do more than just vote. Your opinion counts far more than just a check in a box.

First of all, you can get involved before Election Day. If you are truly supportive of a candidate, you can always do more than vote. One easy way to help is by giving a donation to the campaign of your choice. If you are really ambitious you can also volunteer to work. The actual work in most campaigns is done by volunteers and every candidate is looking for more help.

After Election Day you can continue making a difference by contacting your legislators. The legislators in Shelby County not only like to hear from their constituents, but they also take their concerns seriously.

In February the Alabama Legislature will go back into session and many of the same issues will come up as in years past. To see this legislation and other helpful information, you can visit www.shelbycolo.com. If you want your voice to be heard and considered by your representative or senator write to them or call them and let them know. Anyone in Shelby County can do this by e-mail at sfrey@shelbycolo.com. You can also call 620-6610. Your opinions will be forwarded to the proper legislator.

Getting involved doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be very easy if you know the right place to go. We hope this letter has helped and that you will stay in touch with us over the coming months.