Resolutions heard on Main Street

Published 9:44 pm Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008 is past and it’s time to clear away the paper and ribbons and look to 2009. Lots of folks are planning their New Year’s resolutions. I heard a few in downtown Montevallo.

Walt Czeskleba says, “My resolution is to stay here repairing TVs for another 37 years.”

He seems to mean that thing, too.

Iris Kish, who has just moved the Type Shop next to Spiller’s, comments that her goal is to become independently wealthy, but that she’ll settle for enjoying what she has and spending more time with family and friends.

Looking back at ’08 and remembering all of those things she intended to do next, Letta Hallman of Montevallo Realty plans to initiate ways to do those next things better in ’09.

Policeman Steve Holt resolves to be a better man and the best father to his three children.

Patsy Tidwell of The Geranium restaurant declares she’ll try to say one good thing about someone everyday and smile to make people happy!

Because ’08 was just too serious, Ken Jones of Regions resolves to lighten up.

“I plan to keep my mind as sharp as my shears and to cut lots more heads of hair,” said barber Billy Liddle.

Serendipity’s Bruce McClanahan made his resolution even before the Christmas feast – to convince Jane to convince him to stay on his diet.

Faye Roberts, the manager of Twice as Nice, thought carefully and then decided, “My goal is to proclaim us one of the best kept secrets and to make this the best boutique/dress shop in Shelby County.”

City Clerk Herman Lehman spoofs the whole idea, “I never make resolutions – I never make promises I can’t keep – even to myself.”

Edward Patrick of It’s About Time resolves to keep on giving neat haircuts and to keep the folks in his shop joking and laughing.

One of Bank Trust manager John Kirby’s resolutions is to learn to say no when asked to be on a committee or to volunteer. Another is to get his wife to slow down enough for him to catch her.

“To enjoy life more!” announced Angelia Gentry of Royal Duchess Clothing. “Today’s society is so hectic it’s hard to do that … so, I ‘oath’ to enjoy life, stress less, focus on one thing at a time and be the best at it in the world!”

Lacey’s Jewelry will be liquidating and closing in the spring. Billie Lacy has no doubt about her resolve; she plans to stay well and enjoy her retirement.

Cindy Holsombeck, Assistant Manager at CVS, is coming up 50 and she’ll look back at the last ten years, learn from her mistakes, laugh more, achieve more and be a better friend.

Maybe we should all join Cindy!

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