Technology gives parents peace of mind

Published 6:49 pm Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rose Wade holds in her hands tools to offer parents a little peace of mind and they all fit on a jump drive.

“I wanted to get involved with something that meant a lot to me,” Wade said. “I feel this is unfortunately something parents really need because of the society we live in.”

Wade runs a franchise of Guard-A-kid, a company that makes identification kits for families with children or elderly parents, out of her home in Chelsea.

With the materials inside the Child ID Kits, Wade can create wallet-sized ID cards and a CD Rom with a child’s health information. The CD can also include a form with the child’s fingerprints, date of birth, height and weight, eye color and photos. Parents can create wallet sized ID’s with the Smart ID stick (USB Flash Drive).

Parents and law enforcement agents can easily access all of this information to create missing person flyers, should that become an issue, Wade said.

She said the kits help parents take extra precautions to ensure their child’s safety.

“When you look at the statistics it’s alarming,” Wade said. “A child in the U.S. becomes missing every 40 seconds.”

Wade said the product isn’t limited to holding information about kids. She said the wristbands her company offers can also be great for senior adults or children with special needs because it acts as a USB flash drive on which you can save medical info.

“I’ve seen my aunt almost comatose because she was taking so many medications,” Wade said. “If there was an emergency, the medical professionals would immediately be able to find out what medications she takes on a regular basis.”

Wade plans to host the next public Guard-A-Kid event at Helena Elementary’s Spring Fling. To learn more about Guard-A-Kid visit