State’s yearly resolutions

Published 3:17 pm Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year 2009! I hope that this new year brings with it some needed changes in our state government.

First, on behalf of the entire Alabama House of Representatives I wish, no, beg, the State Senate to please engage in a productive session.

Some state senators have been advocating for a session that avoids some of the issues that have locked down the entire process in the past. I hope those senators from both sides of the aisle prevail in 2009.

I hope that we can all resolve in Montgomery to make the necessary cuts in state spending to balance the budget while still preserving those services most vital to our children.

Not only does the economy require us to cut state spending, it also means that we must develop a tax policy that puts more money in the pockets for people to spend.

Alabama has always held a reputation as being tough on crime, but we still allow convicted murders to make money off of the crime they committed. In 2009, we should work to eliminate this practice. If we are truly dedicated to making sure those who commit heinous crimes are punished, then surely we can eliminate their profit-making habits while they serve their sentence.

Finally, in the New Year, I would like to see our state take on an issue that has long been neglected. Alabama drivers should be held responsible for damaging other cars in accidents. Sounds simple enough, but many drivers involved in car accidents end up not having insurance and providing false addresses to officers at the scene.

These drivers are not found and the victims of these accidents are stuck with bills they should not have to pay.

While there are other issues that need to be addressed by Alabama’s state government in 2009 I would like to at least see us use these goals above as a starting point. Some Montgomery productivity would indeed make for a Happy New Year.