Chinese educators visit county schools

Published 2:10 pm Friday, January 9, 2009

A group of 27 middle and high school English teachers from China visited Spain Park High School and Berry Middle School Friday.

The teachers were there to learn about how those schools use technology to further students’ education, said Spain Park Principal Billy Broadway.

“They’re coming to visit to see how we do different things here compared to what they do in China,” Broadway said. “They’re seeing what different kinds of technology we use in the classroom and how we use it.”

The group also met with a group of special education teachers.

Broadway said school staff was excited to share knowledge and tips with the Chinese.

“We’re starting to get used to it. We had a group of Russian administrators come before Christmas to see technology and how we run our classes,” Broadway said. “It’s exciting for our faculty, students and whole community that we’ve been recommended to these people to come see us.”

The trip was arranged through Samford University about a month ago. The Chinese educators spent about an hour and a half at Spain Park Friday morning. They also visited Berry Middle School that morning.