Firefighter makes Alabaster home

Published 12:37 pm Friday, January 16, 2009

As a child Greg Farrell moved a lot.

Originally from Indiana, Greg’s Mom remarried causing their family to hit the old transfer trail with lots and lots of stops. After he graduated from Thompson in 1980, Greg’s parents said California was their next stop and he said “I’m staying here.”

Farrell began by volunteering at the Alabaster Fire Department and will have 28 years with the department next August. Greg was a driver (seven years), lieutenant (eight years), captain (seven years) and has been the chief deputy since 2006. He graduated as a paramedic from UAB in 1990. In the early 90’s he became a coach at Kingwood Christian School, home of his church and daughter Malorie’s school. He coached there several years, left, and later returned as an assistant coach.

Greg has been married to Sheri, who for 18 years has worked at Sarah’s Florist. She worked with her mom Sarah and continues to operate the business since her mother’s death. Malorie is Greg and Shari’s only child. She will wed this summer and graduate in December 2009 with her teaching degree from the University of Montevallo.

Greg loves to play golf when he has time, with Ballantrae being his favorite local course. He is also a Nascar fan and collector. Greg is also an Auburn fan.

I think our fire department and our friendly firemen are some of the best qualified in the state. I found Greg to be a quiet, unassuming man … just the kind to cover your back.