Discovering how pretty pink can be

Published 8:47 pm Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ladies, what is the one thing the economy can’t deny us of? Sure, they can cut our spending in half and make us pinch pennies like never before, but they cannot take our beauty, or at least our love for beauty products.

When it comes to make-up and skincare, I am used to fighting the crowds at the mall, standing in line at the make-up counter and shelling out most of my paycheck to keep up with my daily regimen, so when a friend suggested a house-call from a Mary Kay consultant to restock my makeup bag, how could I resist?

I was hesitant at first, of course. But the proposal of a facial to introduce me to the products sounded right up my alley. Throughout the session, I learned more about skin care and ingredients than anyone could ever know. To say she was informed is an understatement; in my eyes, she is the queen of cosmetics!

I began quizzing Wendy Bailey, my new–found Mary Kay consultant, on her success with the MK brand. Wendy alone serves more than 200 clients. She serves as a full-time consultant for Mary Kay with 5 years of MK experience under her belt.

This month, Wendy put MK goal setting to the test by aiming to pamper 35 faces. Achieving this target puts Wendy one step closer to winning the use of Mary Kay’s notorious company car. Known for the pink Cadillac, Mary Kay actually offers three levels of company cars to their deserving associates as a reward for successfully mentoring others in the Mary Kay business. Wendy is well on her way to cruising Shelby County in her new, albeit pink, ride.

Just to validate my opinion that we can’t live without our coveted makeup bag, Wendy mentioned that CNN has reported at least three times that the makeup industry is indeed growing despite the economy. So shop on ladies, and resolve to do it from home. I suggest checking out to schedule a Mary Kay Recession Party for you and your girl friends.