Experiencing change of generation

Published 1:46 pm Thursday, January 22, 2009

Being a history fanatic, I find myself constantly admiring those who took part in events of historical proportion.

Every American is about to witness, and take part in, history with the election of President-elect Barack Obama. Never have members of our generation participated in an event of such immense historical significance, but finally we can.

The participation of our generation in this very special section of history will truly be something for future generations to marvel at. After being called “Generation X,” “The Me Generation,” or even “The Lost Generation” by some, our participation is helping our generation to be seen from a different perspective.

Our generation, the same generation which has been perceived as being superficial and politically ignorant or apathetic, is showing that we are concerned about the direction of our country.

Our participation in history has shown that we are a fully capable generation and that our concern is not only of ourselves, but of our fellow Americans as well.

Although the youth of our country may not have supported one candidate in the presidential election, we showed that we were politically competent, and that we understand the roles and responsibilities that in time we will assume. Even the members of our generation who could not vote, in large part, showed a deeply vested interest in this election.

This election disproved the stigma that America was a country of prejudice and shortsightedness, and proved that America is a country of opportunity, and a country where leaders are selected based on their ability to lead and their character.

America has always been a country that is willing to change for the better, in this election our country’s perception changed.

In this election our generation’s perception changed, and we are finally able to celebrate, and participate in the rich American history that we love and cherish.