Calera Chamber welcomes new president

Published 12:21 pm Monday, January 26, 2009

When Connita Turner made the decision to open the first Allstate Insurance Agency in Calera, she knew exactly what to do.

Turner stopped by the Calera Chamber of Commerce to familiarize herself with the community. Soon after meeting the Chamber staff, she became a member and volunteered at several events.

Three years later, Turner credits the Chamber for being instrumental in her new business venture. As the new president of the Chamber board of directors, she too wants to extend a helping hand to prospective business owners.

“I have first hand experience to what the Chamber can do for businesses coming to town,” said Turner, a Birmingham native who now resides in Pelham. “Calera is a wholesome environment in which to work, learn and grow.”

Turner, who was appointed president last month, succeeds Calera City Councilman-elect Eric Snyder. Before opening the AllState agency, Turner held positions Charter Media, AT&T, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Turner said the Chamber’s immediate goals include membership development, economic development and community participation. In past years, the Chamber has hosted charity drives and participated in Career Day events at local schools.

“We want to become more active participants within the confines of the city,” Turner said. “We try to give back in some small way and do the things we can in the realm of our possibilities.”

The Chamber now boasts more than 100 members, mostly from the business community. Turner explained the Chamber is not exclusively for business owners. Anyone who has a stake in the community is encouraged to join.

Speaking from her own experience, Turner is certain the Chamber can point interested parties in the right direction.

“People are very welcoming and very accommodating,” Turner said. “Why wouldn’t you want to come to Calera?”