Calera fires city finance director

Published 12:36 pm Friday, February 6, 2009

The Calera City Council voted Thursday to fire city finance director Mike Hinson during a special called meeting.

The termination was effective immediately, Hinson said Friday.

Mayor George Roy and council members contend that Hinson has not provided them with the financial information they need to make decisions. Hinson said he made a concentrated effort to provide city leaders with the information they requested.

“I have always tried to do what is right,” Hinson said. “I believe to the best of my ability I did that for the mayor and council.”

Hinson served as city finance director for four years. He previously served as a city auditor and consultant.

Last month, the council passed a resolution requesting that the mayor and council be made aware of the city’s financial condition at all times. Hinson was to provide the mayor and council with a report on the Friday before every council meeting.

On Thursday, Hinson said Roy gave him the opportunity to resign, but he declined because “I’ve done nothing wrong.”

Hinson said his firing may hurt the city.

“I believe they did something that was against the best interests of the city of Calera,” Hinson said.

Attempts to reach Roy, who is out of town, were unsuccessful.