Day spas fight winter blues

Published 6:48 pm Friday, February 6, 2009

What do you get when you combine gray skies, cold drizzle and shorter days?

For many this spells wintertime depression — seasonal affective disorder. One scientifically proven cure for winter gloom is human touch, even in the form of a soothing massage. Other massage benefits include relieving tension, releasing muscle spasms and boosting the immune system.

Newcomers to North Shelby frequently ask, which day spa would you recommend?

I’ll relay what’s available. The reason: a couple of years ago I lived in an area of Arizona where gorgeous Roman style spas are on every corner. Specifically, I spent a lot of hours at the Arizona Biltmore Spa. So I tell newcomers they shouldn’t expect the 280 Corridor to supply the same features as resort spas.

Nevertheless, there are many quality day spas to choose from in North Shelby:

Looking for health? One Nineteen Health & Wellness is full service. Primarily, the facility is clinical and fitness in nature with massage therapy and a little cosmetic service on the side — think clean, fresh.

Gates of Pearl on Valleydale Road offers many services, mostly cosmetic: massages, nail/ hair care services, botox injections and spray tan.

BodyWork –– A Day Spa is on Cahaba Park Circle. They say they are the best value in town, and feature massage: “Mind, Body and Spirit working together… professional and ethical.”

My niece recommended Santa Fe Day Spa in Lee Branch for their great massages.

I asked Gail Cowden, manager of Santa Fe, “What is it that distinguishes your business from other day spas in North Shelby?”

She replied, “A well-trained staff and their continuing education.”

Santa Fe offers a wide array of services, cosmetic and body treatments, 16 types of massage therapies. They’ll even come to your home.

They offer packages, including a Valentine which includes hydrotherapy, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and couple massages after 4 p.m. If that doesn’t light your wintertime candle nothing will!