Finding just the right place

Published 11:59 am Monday, February 9, 2009

After graduating from Homewood High in 1977 Janice Young went to UAB to major in business. Boring, boring, boring she thought.

She wanted to go into the textile field having been influenced early on by her father and his Singer Sewing Machine shop. At the time, she couldn’t find textile courses offered close by so she went to work at what used to be South Central Bell.

Janice eventually left that job, but purchased her own monogram machine and worked out of her home in Chelsea. In April 2006 she took a leap of faith and moved her business into Elliottsville Plaza on Highway 119 in Alabaster.

When you open the door of her shop you are taken in by an array of colorful gift items artfully displayed. Caps, bat bags, totes, lunch bags, cosmetic cases, diaper bags, baby cover-ups, blankets, etc. If it will sit still — Janice can monogram it but the gift items featured in her shop are unique. You won’t “meet yourself on the street.”

Janice has finally found her niche. She has a business she loves, uses her imagination and talents to make others happy, provides a service in Alabaster that is appealing and unique and is her own boss. Now most of her time is taken with the business, but before she got so busy she and Mike traveled to Hawaii, Guam, Alaska and many Caribbean areas.

Janice and husband Mike have two daughters, Nikki and Pauli who has a 7-month-old grandson, Caleb.