Showing fiscal wisdom

Published 2:56 pm Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I recently attended a meeting with some of our legislative delegation about the economic downturn and the effect it is having on funding for education, the court system, the district attorneys and other important government functions.

These government agencies are facing proration of their operating budgets, which will have a direct impact on the services that can be rendered to citizens.

I am impressed that our legislative delegation has resolved to be fiscally responsible at a time when it would be easy for them to give in to outside interests and try to find an easy short term fix for these problems.

Our representatives and senators need your support in this legislature session.

They need to know that their constituents support them in their efforts to maintain fiscal responsibility while navigating these choppy economic waters. Our delegation is doing a good job for us all.

Also, we do not have to look very far from Shelby County to find a county government that is suffering the pain resulting from fiscal irresponsibility.

Our neighboring county government is fighting for its life with creditors and the outcome is far from certain. This is another good reason that I am happy I call Shelby County home.

Our county commission has shown fiscal responsibility for many years now.

The commission has not given in to the temptation to spend and spend some more during the good economic times, only to face the grim reaper when the budgets got tight.

Our commissioners and their staff have shown great wisdom by being conservative with the county budget, with the result that Shelby County is in the best possible position to withstand the economic downturn with the least pain possible to citizens and employees.

Our commissioners continue to monitor government sources of revenue closely so necessary adjustments can be made.

Meetings are being held between department heads and commissioners to make certain everyone has the latest, best information to plan for the future. I applaud our county commissioners for their leadership.