Erwin shouldn’t stop Sunday liquor sales

Published 2:50 pm Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dear Editor,

As a resident of Shelby County, I am outraged that the philosophies of one Shelby County legislator will end up hurting his constituents.

Senator Hank Erwin feels that it is his obligation to keep Sunday liquor sales out of Shelby County. I find a lot of irony in the fact that right next to the article about Sunday liquor sales in restaurants is a story about the Shelby County economy reeling.

Evidently Senator Erwin’s response to the reeling economy is to take away more revenue. Just so he’ll feel like he kept the Sabbath holy.

I would like to know what legislation Senator Erwin would propose to help generate the lost revenue that will come from his personal beliefs.

Perhaps he would support an increase in Shelby County sales tax. Maybe he would support a bill to increase property taxes in Shelby County.

Here’s a thought: perhaps he would like to introduce a bill that would allow bingo in Shelby County. I bet (pun absolutely intended) that a large majority of his constituents would love to play bingo. I would also be willing to bet that a lot of his constituents go home on Sunday afternoon, after church, and have a nice cold beer.