Pelham Public Library forms guild

Published 5:42 pm Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A new group has formed for Pelham residents who want to challenge and encourage the community to use the Pelham Public Library.

Library Director Barbara Roberts and City Councilman Bill Meadows are recruiting members for the Pelham Public Library Guild. The guild will primarily promote library services and resources.

Roberts said people often think of libraries as old-fashioned storehouses of information rather than up-to-date facilities. She hopes the guild will re-wire people’s perceptions.

“We’re getting away from the traditional role of libraries. There is a community focus on libraries now,” Roberts said. “What we would like to have is a library that’s second to none for a city of our size.”

After attending a library conference, Roberts came away with the idea that “libraries have become the community’s family room.” She said the guild will work to unify the city by making the library a community hub.

Roberts would like to see the guild grow to 300 active members. She said all members have the luxury of determining their level of involvement.

Meadows said the guild is loosely modeled after the Pell City Library Guild Foundation, which was founded in 1999. He and Roberts ran the idea by Mayor Don Murphy, who fully supports the Pelham guild.

Meadows added the guild will raise funds for the library and eventually award grants to area schools. He describes the guild as an “extended volunteer army” that will work closely with the library board and other city leaders.

Those interested in joining the guild should call Roberts at 620-6418 or e-mail