Creating culinary creations at school

Published 4:42 pm Thursday, March 12, 2009

Inside the Culinary Arts classroom at the Shelby County School of Technology are students who plan to pursue careers in the food service industry.

Some hope to own their own business one day, others would like to become famous for their talents. A few are still exploring what kind of culinary career they might like.

The students in the culinary classes not only love all the wonderful cooking they do, but they also have developed into a culinary family. There is never a moment that the students are not working together to get every job finished. Whether it is cleaning up or just making sure that whatever is cooking is at its best, the students are always on task and certainly work hard to achieve their goals for their future.

In the past couple of months, the class has catered a number of events. Preparing a luncheon for the Minister of Education from the Republic of China, and another for Shelby County’s elected officials have been highlights of the spring semester. Guests praised their outstanding food.

As expediter my job was made certain every plate looked perfect just before serving the guests. After every student donned their chef hats and white jackets, they each took two plates and proceeded into a serving line.

Each plate was placed on the table in front of the guests for them to enjoy. All of the culinary students truly enjoyed every second of the events. The teacher, Doug Schofield, said that these students were simply wonderful and amazing.

Kelsey Smith is a student in the culinary arts class at the School of Technology.