Safe Harbor benefit concert offers education and relief

Published 9:04 am Saturday, March 14, 2009

What did you do for teen thrills way back in the 20th century, drink beer?

The current trend in youth culture goes way beyond, to nightmarish lifestyles. Parents often don’t even see the deadly change coming –– drugs, porn, sex, violence, alcohol, gangs and cults.

Good children with poor decision–making skills and lack of internal controls become trapped in drugs, even in the best families.

Families need help.

On March 7 a benefit concert was held for Safe Harbor, a faith-based organization founded by parents. Southeastern Bible College on Valleydale Road hosted this third–annual event.

Arriving early, I met with Executive Director Rock Hobbs.

“We’re a non-profit organization working with the county court system to educate parents on deadly youth culture, provide refuge and help restore families,” Hobbs said.

Teens in traditional recovery programs relapse at a rate of 80 percent. A Columbia University study reveals spiritual counseling with family doubles the chance of lasting recovery. Safe Harbor services include life coaching, professional counseling, refuge and more.

Education is a key to prevention. Here are a few startling youth facts: 75 percent surf internet unsupervised, 1.4 million at age 17-and-under are crack users and the average first time alcohol use is age 9.

On such a serious note, entertainers at the concert brought relief.

The Warblers, a male chorus with mature strong voices, whose history dates back to the early 20th century, provided guests with a mental escape into times when God and country were revered, honored, respected. The Male Show Choir known as Craftsmen, students from Oak Mountain High School, burst onto the stage with intense energy and comedic relief. The evening ended with a talented Alabama Blues Brothers appearance.

Shelby County court system is blessed with the devoted service of Barbara Williams, coordinator of the Children’s Policy Council, and Jim Kramer, District Presiding Juvenile Judge.

Kramer said he believes, “Safe Harbor is an essential spoke in the wheel of the juvenile justice system.”

Hobbs awarded Judge Kramer a Beacon of Light Award during the event for his diligence on behalf of Shelby County youth. The Safe Harbor extends to regional counties. Its goal is to provide a long–term ranch for teens in Shelby County. For more information, visit or call 981-0995.