Alabama Power co. has unfair monopoly

Published 12:44 pm Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I missed any news on the recent burden put on small business and building owners by the Alabama Power monopoly. For non-residential buildings, owners will now have to pay $50 a month just to keep power service hooked up to their buildings.

Here is an example from a recent bill. For February 2008, I was charged $55.12 for 190 kilowatt hours used. For February 2009, I was charged $88.20 for three kilowatt hours used.

That’s $33.20 more for 187 fewer kilowatt hours. All breakers are off at my property, yet I will be charged $50 for nothing. In my book, that’s extortion.

Thanks a lot, Alabama Power Company. Small businesses appreciate your support during this depression.

The Alabama Public Service Commission approved this new extortion rate. It seems to be Alabama Power they look after, not the public.

Paying something for nothing is kind of like organized crime, and this was organized by the Alabama Power Company and the Alabama Public Service Commission.

I don’t imagine we have any other power provider to choose from. You may as well leave all your lights on. You’re going to pay either way.