Heed these tips for easy Easter shopping

Published 3:39 pm Tuesday, March 24, 2009

While kiddies will soon be scouring the bushes and hedges for colored and designed eggs, many of us are on another kind of hunt altogether –– searching for the perfect Easter dress.

I will warn you that you should have begun your planning sooner, but if you are like me and sometimes let time slip away, seize the day and start your shopping before all the pastel frilly frocks are gone.

Pick a color scheme.

It is popular for children, and even families to match, so set out on your shopping endeavor with a color scheme in mind. Blue and yellow is a popular combination that serves to be gender neutral for the whole family. If you have multiple girls or guys, purchasing the same outfit in different sizes is often a common trend. Stay away from going overboard. There is no need for you and your husband to match, simply coordinate.

Know the style.

When you enter a store with a style in mind, you will be able to navigate the masses of dresses and suits available. Don’t force your son into a suit if you know he won’t even wear the jacket. Save the money and allow him to wear a dress shirt and tie instead. Vests are popular for little gents this year and can be layered over a shirt and tie for a warmer, yet crisp look. Stay away from itchy materials no matter how cute they may be. Comfort when it comes to children is key.

Think ahead.

You’re likely to get more bang for your buck if you consider the long term life of the outfit. Do you have any springtime weddings to attend? Then go for a dressier selection. If those fancier choices are likely to get pushed to the back of the closet, then opt for a nice dress that can be worn for Sundays to come or a dress shirt that can later be worn with the sleeves rolled and sans necktie.

Stay basic.

Easter is a traditional holiday with much more meaning behind it than what we are caught wearing on Sunday. Stick to the normal pastel colors and the simpler style. Seersucker for boys and a touch of lace or frills for girls is time–honored. Enjoy the time you save by dyeing eggs, eating candy, and remembering the real reason for that new Sunday dress.