Columbiana native snipes Texas ram

Published 3:55 pm Thursday, March 26, 2009

While many college students head to a crowded beach for spring break, Auburn University freshman and Columbiana native Clint Mooney went west to a 6,000-acre ranch outside San Antonio, Texas.

He arrived March 17 with hopes of bagging a good souvenir. He did, a 167-pound Corsican Ram, good enough for the record books.

Mooney’s trophy ram scored a 304.30 on the Trophy Game Records of the World measurement system, good enough for a Silver Medal.

Mooney’s trip came at the invitation of Texas Hunt Lodge owners Aaron and Joanie Bulkley, who he met at a hunting expo a few years back.

After landing, Mooney began talking with Aaron about the hunt.

“Aaron quickly informed me that there was a very nice ram on one of their ranches,” Mooney said. “He said that several people had been trying to get him but were unable because he was traveling with a group of eight to 10 mature rams. I, of course, decided I would give it a shot.”

Mooney said he and Aaron left the lodge at daybreak to spot the ranch, about 30 minutes away, and locate the rams. About 10 a.m., they found them along a tree line on the backside of the ranch.

“We decided to go back to the lodge, eat and future out a plan before we started after them, so as not to spook them,” Mooney said.

The stalk began around 1 p.m.

Mooney laid waiting with his bow for the ram to move into the clear, away from the other rams.

“He finally gave me a broadside shot at 37 yards,” Mooney said. “The rest is history.”