Hughes wins Crate Late feature

Published 3:57 pm Monday, March 30, 2009

Muddy conditions in the pits did not hold back drivers from competing at Shelby County Speedway Saturday. Sam Hughes of Pelham, driver of car No. 35, had the fastest qualifying time of 14.89 and locked himself in for the pole position for the Feature Crate Late event.

When the green flag waved in the air coming out of turn four, all you could hear was the roar of the cars. Positions quickly changed during the first lap of this event. Michael Franklin of Alabaster, driver of No. 22, dropped back from his starting outside pole position to the fifth-place spot and No. 72 driver Toney Revis of Calera took the second-place position leaving Justin Beasley’s No. B4 car of Montevallo in thrd with the balance of the field fighting hard during the race to take the first three positions. Franklin managed to move back up to the third-place spot on lap four. The front of the field drove hard to maintain their positions. Hughes took home the checkered flag, followed by Revis in second and Franklin in third.

Racing action returns to Shelby County Speedway on Saturday, April 4, with a full racing program with all divisions. Gates open at 5 p.m. with racing starting at 7:30 p.m.

Shelby County Speedway results – March 28

Crate Late Model

1. Sam Hughes, No. 35, Pelham; 2. Toney Revis, No. 72, Calera; 3. Michael Franklin, No. 22, Alabaster; 4. Justin Beasley, No. 84, Montevallo; 5. Chris Howel, No. 1, Columbiana.

Thunder and Lighting

1. Mark Price, No. 02, Clanton; 2. Josh Bean, No. 8, Maplesville; 3. Joe Odum, No. 7, Alabama; 4. Jeremy Hollis, No. 2, Alabama; 5. Paul Allred, No. 66, Alabama.


1. Wade Carlee, No. 48, McCalla; 2. Michael Skelton, No. 17, Childersburg; 3. Gary Ingram, No. 28, Wilsonville; 4. Kenny Smitherman, No. 15, Alabama; 5. Michael Garris, No. 03, Alabama; 6. Scott Rape, No. 17, Wilsonville; 7. Leslie Bean, No. 7, Maplesville.

Pure Stock

1. Derrick Price, No. 13X, Clanton; 2. Preston Bell, No. 10, Montevallo; DNS – Mathew Mims, No. 8; J.R. Steel, No. 49; DQ – David Champion, No. 88, Columbiana.

Super Pony

1. Lane Green, No. 2, Shelby; 2. Jeremy Edwards, No. 57, Sylacauga, 3. Benny Pickett, No. 4, Montevallo; 4. Phillip Lucas, No. 22, Montevallo.

Pure Pony

1. Lisa Woods, No. 18, Calera; 2. Wesley Boothe, No. 87, Montevallo; 3. Todd Riddle, No. 38, Maylene; 4. Jay Mason, No. 34, Alabama.

Buzz Car

1. Eddie Woods, No. 17, Calera; 2. Byran Madison, No. 99, Hayden; 3. Trask Bennett, No. 13, Springville; 4. Hayden Franklin, No. 8, Alabaster; 5. Austin Revis. No. 41, Calera; 6. Matt Glenn, No. 88, Jemison.

Road Hogg

1. Randall Jones, No. 84, Wilsonville; 2. Doodle Parker, No. 00, Vandiver; 3. James Ganey, Jr,. No. 93, Childersburg; 4. Eddie “Skipper” Blevins, No. 83, Wilsonville; 5. Bret Anderson, No. 77, Hueytown; 6. Chris Fowler, No. 26, Childersburg; 7. Bryan Smith, No. 30, Alabama.