Mt Laurel pizzeria has gone to the dogs

Published 6:00 am Monday, April 6, 2009

Area 41 Pizza Company in Mt Laurel has gone to the dogs — literally. They are catering to canines for a good cause.

For the past two years, the restaurant has hosted Paws on the Patio on Monday evenings in the spring and summer. Paws on the Patio is a fundraiser for Hand-in-Paw, a local non-profit organization that trains animals to become therapy animals.

Animal lovers gather at Area 41 with friends, family members and fellow dog-loving diners to have a most unique dining experience, pizza and drinks — with their dogs. As a result, owners Jeff Jackson and Patrick Hankins donate 8 percent of their income on those evenings to Hand-in-Paw.

On any given Monday evening you might well see 10 to 20 dogs and their owners at Area 41. For those who may not have a dog, but love animals, Hand-in-Paw brings some of their therapy animals to show first-hand how well-trained and serving they truly are. Their therapy pets are exceptionally trained and provide exceptional service to those in need.

Hand-in-Paw takes their animals to schools and facilities like Children’s Hospital to bring comfort and joy to children. They also use their animals for pet therapy with senior citizens. People will sometimes respond to animals better than they may respond to people.

You, your family and your dog should consider visiting Area 41 Pizza Company at Mt Laurel on Monday evenings for Paws on the Patio. You can have a fun-filled evening spent with other dog-loving diners and the best dog-gone pizza you’ve ever had.

You will be glad you visited Area 41 Pizza Company. Hand-in-Paw and the people they serve will be glad you did too.