No alcohol on Sundays

Published 2:47 pm Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Shelby County Baptist Association Ministers Conference presented me with a petition against Sunday alcohol sales, which passed unanimously in a recent association meeting.

The resolution contains some compelling information.

First, while restaurant owners say Sunday alcohol sales are important for economic growth, a University of Alabama study stated that Sunday sales don’t bring in much additional revenue.

Second, the economic cost of alcohol sales is $12 for every $1 derived in revenue.

A National Survey on Drug Abuse and Health stated that 19 percent of teenagers are binge drinkers.

Third, 30 percent of academic failures by college students are alcohol-related. Indeed, alcohol is involved in 66 percent of college suicides, 90 percent of campus rapes, and 95 percent of violent crimes on campus.

Therefore, the resolution urged all Shelby County legislators to vigorously oppose any and all efforts to promote Sunday alcohol sales. I agree with their position.

The good pastors of our community have the deepest concern for our citizens. They have nothing to gain financially in the debate. They want only the best atmosphere for the family.

The pastors know the pain of alcohol-related family problems. They counsel troubled families on a daily basis.

The pastors always point us to God, the Bible and eternity. They encourage us to do good works, to love and forgive. They demonstrate sacrifice and sufficiency.

They know people need to make money. They are sympathetic to restaurants that wish to survive hard economic times. They tolerate selling alcohol six days a week. But one day should be set aside for the Lord.

They know restaurants will not shut down over dry Sundays. After all, 78 of the nearly 90 restaurants in Shelby County do not sell alcohol on Sundays and are still doing business.

Therefore, my conclusion is simple. I trust the ministers.

I believe that if you honor the Lord then the Lord will honor your business. Not selling alcohol on Sundays is a start.