Columbiana softball: April 3-4

Published 8:01 pm Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Softball season in Columbiana is underway after weekend games between Columbiana, Montevallo and Chelsea.

Friday, April 3

Columbiana 10-Under

Cool Catz catcher, Marjorie Head, threw out two base runners en route to a 18-2 win against  Montevallo Friday night.  Head also had two RBI’s and Kafia Lollar had one.

Saturday, April 4

Columbiana 6-Under

The Columbiana Lil’ Cats lost a close one to Chelsea 2, 17-15, on Saturday in the late stages of the game. Lil’ Cats Aubrey Robinson and Kaelee Connell made several infield outs in the loss, while Alyssa Seale and Hannah Moore made big plays in the outfield. All of the Lil’ Cats played a good game and tried very hard.

Columbiana 10-Under

After a big Friday night win over Montevallo, the Cool Catz defeated the Chelsea Mustangs, 20-4, Saturday. Pitcher Cydnee Goodwin struck out five of the 11 batters she faced. Hannah Wallace, Alexis Mallory and Marjorie Head all had RBIs, while Ashley Rhodes had two RBIs.

Columbiana 12-Under

The Columbiana Wildcats beat the visiting Chelsea team, 9-5, Saturday. Jordan McKoy caught two infield pop flies to assist in the win, and Shae Lee helped with a big out at second base. Katie Griffin caught a fly ball that resulted in a double play when she picked off the runner at first base. Meredith McCullers had two RBIs in the Wildcats’ win.