Movin’ up from the warehouse

Published 2:43 pm Saturday, April 11, 2009

When Georgia Lay of Chelsea began working in the warehouse of a home infusion and nursing company, she never dreamed she would one day operate a similar business of her own.

But, today she is the owner/operator of a full–line home medical equipment and supply company, as well as a wholesale pharmaceutical business.

Lay began warehouse work in 1987 and worked her way up through the company to director of reimbursement. Traveling all over the country and Puerto Rico, she managed accounts receivable and billing departments for Home Health Care and Home IV Infusion companies.

She did everything from managing the people and processes to making sure the building was built when there was a merger or relocation.

“And it was my job to make sure the companies were billing correctly, in compliance with the various contracts and Medicare,” Georgia said. “Working with the Home Infusion companies and the pharmacies made me realize there are companies everywhere that have a hard time finding some of the drugs they need.”

So, she decided to create a wholesale business to locate and sell hard–to–find drugs to physicians, hospitals and other wholesalers. Lay said she started the first business with partners and got everything setup, then decided to do it all over again for herself.

“I loved this business from the beginning,” she said.

Birmingham Medical Alliance Inc. was founded in 2002. Later, inspired by one of her employees, Joe Carnaggio, who began selling back braces and TENS units, Lay added the home medical equipment side to the business.

Now the company sells everything from diabetic supplies and custom diabetic shoes to wheelchairs, beds and diapers.

“We offer individual care for your individual needs,” Lay said. “And we bill and accept assignment on most commercial insurances and Worker’s Comp.”

Along with home health care products, Lay still has the wholesale pharmaceutical business. Her company, Birmingham Medical Alliance Inc., is located on old highway 280, in The Narrows 280 complex.