Columbiana 12U softball recaps

Published 2:14 pm Wednesday, April 15, 2009

12 and Under

April 4 – The Columbiana  Pink Panthers beat the Chelsea Cyclones 15-8. The Panthers started and finished strong with Meagan Doss and Dominique Kelley taking turns on the mound with a combined total of nine strikeouts. The Panther bats caught fire with Kiana Perkins and Joy McDaniel getting triples and a home run by Victoria Adams.

April 9 – After good hitting that included a home run by Katie Griffin and a triple by Jordan McKoy, the Columbiana Wildcats were victorious over Calera 2, 14-5t. Good pitching performances by the Wildcats pitchers are also credited with the big win.

April 9 – The Pink Panthers defeated Wilsonville, 15-11, Thursday night. Wilsonville started the game with a four run lead, but the Panthers battled back to tie the score. In the second inning, Wilsonville came back to score five more runs and once again the Panthers came back, taking the lead in the game with six runs that inning.  Taylor Green also had a home run in the second. Joy McDaniel had a double in the third inning that sparked another five runs for the Panthers.

April 11 – The Pink Panthers had many superstars in their 18-7 win over Calera, scoring 13 runs in the first inning. Marcy Wright and Kiana Perkins both had doubles in the first and second innings for the Wildcats, while Hallie Barnes, Victoria Adams, Taryn Green, Dominique Kelley, Lindsey DeShazo and Meagan Doss all had singles. Calera scored two runs in the first, one in the second and four in the third inning.

April 11 – The Wildcats were again victorious Saturday over Montevallo 2, 11-1, which was due to outstanding pitching by Katie Griffin, good fielding by the Wildcats and a home run by Hollie Whitner.