Where American Christianity stands

Published 4:03 pm Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What is happening to American Christianity?

A national news magazine recently displayed a startling headline that read, “The End of American Christianity?”

It refers to the latest poll numbers that signify the number of proclaimed Christians in America has dropped more than 10 percent in the last decade. Is this the end of Christianity in America? Not necessarily, but rather the end of Americanized Christianity.

Over the last 200 years, a new brand of Christianity has been introduced in our culture, which represents that the best time in your life is now, not in eternity. This non-scriptural view is evidence of today’s culture and its desire for immediate self-gratification. American “Christians” seem to think actions do not demand consequence, prayers do not demand submission, and salvation does not demand sanctification. The populous has chosen a new, self-centered direction.

For way too long we have misrepresented Christians as persons who vote for a certain political party or adhere to certain rituals. True Christians realize that salvation is based on a relationship with Christ through repentance and faith, not through rules. Christians have developed one of two views — either the world is changing or we are a dwindling minority. I say both are false.

The world has always been like this. The world is not changing, but it is becoming more vocal against placing limit on the pursuit of pleasure and more agitated against anyone that seems to set a standard of morality or values.

You are not the only one left who knows Christ personally. Just like the Old Testament story of Elijah, God has not stopped working in the hearts of men. There are still many people who will not compromise their faith for the sake of political correctness.

We have come to understand that Christianity is not about what we can get — after Jesus there is not much left to get — but who we can give to those who are searching for peace, hope and purpose in life.