Orr Park twittering this weekend

Published 3:16 pm Friday, April 17, 2009

Orr Park in Montevallo is a busy place on weekends and this coming weekend is no exception. On Saturday volunteers will be there from 7:30 a.m. until sunset with their binoculars and check sheets listening for the chirping birds and listing those they see.

“It is important that we use our park,” said Linda Cicero, who organized the bird count. “It is an all–purpose park. Birding offers people the opportunity to get out and move. It’s a joy to see what’s out there and draws attention to our natural areas.”

This is Montevallo’s second–annual bird count. Cicero explained volunteer observers/counters are needed at: backyard feeders, Stephens Park, Montevallo Walking Trail, the College Lake, UM campus, school yards, Orr Park and all over the city.

Bird lists may be picked up at Parnell Library or, on the day of the counting, at Orr Park. The library also has complete kits with binoculars and bird books available for check-out. The lists of sightings are to be returned to Orr Park on the day of the count, emailed to almothernature@aol.com, or reported by phone to 665-1862.

According to the Birmingham Audubon Society, almost 400 varieties of birds have been sighted in Alabama. Last year, 52 different species appeared in Montevallo on the day of the counting. Cicero described three groups of birds commonly seen in this area. There are the resident birds, such as the cardinals and the blue jays. Then there are the two groups of migratory birds; the “Yankees” come here in winter and return to the northern states in summer and the “Travelers” pass through on their way from Canada to South America and return.

To volunteer for the bird counting, call 665-1862.