Lazy H Junior Rodeo results

Published 1:31 pm Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A handful of Shelby County young cowboys and cowgirls competed in the Alabama Junior Rodeo Association rodeo at Lazy H Farm in Harpersville Saturday, including Lauryn Hoagland, daughter of farm owners Bryan and Dawn Hoagland.

Hoagland, 10, won the breakaway competition in the first rodeo of the day and finished third in team roping with Grant Hodges, 10. Hodges was also third in the boys’ breakaway roping and fifth in the ribbon roping.

Eighth-grader Brittany Lansford took home first place in the girls’ breakaway roping and was fourth in goat tying. Hoagland was seventh in goat tying.

Other Shelby County kids were Alli Tate, 9, Sara Hubbard, 9, and Kennedy Cobb, 6. It was Cobb’s first rodeo. Tate competed in both of the day’s rodeos, finishing fourth in the barrells competition in the first rodeo and seventh for barrels in the second rodeo. She was also sixth in poles and fifth in ribbon roping. Hubard was nine and 10th in poles and 10th in goat tying.

The two day event was crammed into one day because of threats of rain on Sunday.


Boys Breakaway – Evan Wyatt

Barrels – Cally Stubbs

Calf Roping – Clay Elmore

Poles – Jordan Thomas

Team Roping – Garrett McDonald and Lukas Taylor

Girls Breakaway – Lauryn Hoagland

Ribbon Roping – Garret McDonald and Georgia Wilson

Chute Dogging – Caleb Varner

Goat Tying – Jerilyn Hester

Bull Riding – Zachary Hyatt


Boys Breakaway – Cullen Green

Barrels – Cally Stubbs

Calf Roping – Gage Smith

Poles – Ashlyn Overstreet

Team Roping – Brittany Lansford (Shelby County) and Colton Scott

Girls Breakaway – Georgia Wilson

Ribbon Roping – Lukas Taylor and Jordan Thomas

Chute Dogging – Gage Smith

Goat Tying – Brian Smith

Bull Riding – Gage Smith