Invest in local beauty

Published 2:57 pm Tuesday, April 28, 2009

While it might seem untimely for Calera and Montevallo to talk about revitalizing their downtowns while we’re in such a down economy, it’s important not to think of these projects as extravagant spending, but as smart investments.

Imagine the difference in Calera if just half of the citizens’ suggestions were used. With more downtown parking, a truck bypass and efforts to preserve the downtown architecture, Calera could undergo a makeover without shedding its vital identity.

The same can be said for Montevallo. The city’s identity as a small college town would only be enhanced by a walkway, which would better connect the University of Montevallo with the downtown and the park, both of which could then better serve students and their parents.

With just a little work, both these cities could trade on their quaint charm to bring in businesses, tourists and future residents. It takes money to make money, but the money spent on making these aesthetic improvements will be well spent. Attractive locations can better attract prospective business owners, as well as prospective customers.

Calera and Montevallo have a lot of things working in their favor. Both have nearby tourist attractions and advantages to lure people in —Montevallo has the university, while Calera is located directly off Interstate 65. With just a little hard work and good planning, both cities can get in the business of attracting business.