Slip on a pair of summer soles

Published 6:00 am Monday, May 4, 2009

As it slowly heats up outside, we all will rapidly start getting the hankering for a new set of shoes for the summer.

Be it a great pair of leather sandals or a more fashionable slip-on, the time has come to free our tootsies of the close-toed doom and allow them some breathing room for the heat wave that is soon to be upon us.

Now from year to year, the styles of summer soles do not tend to change much so you are in luck if your sandals survived the last few seasons. But if you are like me, you have an itching to get a new addition (or two) to add to that closet rack.

You will still see a big draw towards Yellow Box flip flops. Be it their bright colors or bold prints, every southern lady finds herself snaring a pair. It also helps that these flops are reasonably priced around $30.

Comfort should be a high concern for your summer selections since walking will soon be a common pastime. For this, check out Cobblestone Women and Kid’s in Pelham for their selection from Naot footwear. These shoes often feature removable footbeds, and tend to last upwards of five to 10 years with little to no repairs. Naot’s prices range from $100– $150.

Another great choice for a more casual comfort can be found at The Wright Shoe on Highway 119 in Alabaster. The brand is called Sanuk and is synonymous with the outdoor life. Sales associate Tierney Borden was even wearing a pair of Sanuk’s when I dropped by the store.

With amenities like arch support and a toe spring built into the flops, wearing them feels similar to walking on a yoga mat. Prices for these casual flops start in the $30s and go up from there.

Start early and satisfy your hankering for sandals smartly. Shop local, shop for comfort and shop by comparison. After all, your new summer soles are likely to be traveling with you everywhere.