Good folks are doing good things

Published 10:22 am Monday, May 11, 2009

A little weekday stroll around Montevallo quickly tells us this is a volunteer town where good folks are doing good things.

At the fire station there’s a smile on the face of every fireman there. They just received official word that they maintained an ISO–3 rating in a recent reevaluation. This is a phenomenal achievement for an all–volunteer department.

They are talking about an early morning fire call. Alan Blackman, Lance Byrd, Ray Argo and 12 others crawled out of their warm beds to answer that call, and on another night EMTs Mike Williams and Stan Morlan had jumped in their vehicle to run to a distress call for a lady who was unresponsive –– just regular business for these volunteers.

Through the window at the high school cafeteria, Theresa Pritchett and Dianna Baugh are setting up for the athletic boosters’ banquet. They are both big supporters of all of the school’s activities.

City councilman Willie Goldsmith is finishing up his walk in Orr Park. He is leaving there to take a friend’s child to Birmingham for a dialysis treatment. His good–neighbor activities don’t stop at city hall, although he and other council members are routinely found there tending to city business. They all give their services to the city — not paid a dime.

On to Parnell Memorial Library; there is Linda Cicero making preparations for the nature camp she is organizing for local children. She has set up a foundation too, to be sure the camp is an annual event. Twenty–four lucky kids will enjoy those activities this summer.

Back up on Main Street, with a peep into Twice as Nice, Patricia Young is helping a lady and a child find some suitable clothes.

“Pat is just the best volunteer possible,” said Karen Pendleton, director of Shelby Emergency Assistance. “She has this happy personality that makes everyone love her, and she is so willing to do anything we ask. She has been a regular volunteer here for more than 12 years.”

A stop at the SEA office finds Ruth Robinson working with GED applicants, Lois Doyle stocking grocery shelves and Doug Morris delivering this week’s truck–load of bread. The bread is free for anyone who needs it.

At the middle school, there is Pastor Bill Brown working with students in the First Priority program. Principal Nason explains that Brown is there every week doing a wonderful job. She also says April Rodriguez is volunteering in the office and lends a hand wherever else she’s needed.

Yes, this town is full of willing volunteers –– good folks showing their love for their community.

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