Sacrifices required for empowerment

Published 9:48 am Tuesday, May 12, 2009

With freedom and power comes responsibility and discipline.

There is often a price to pay for success in any field of endeavor.

I looked up the word empower on and came up with the following definition: “To give power or authority to.” Everyone likes the idea of being empowered to do something. We all like the release that comes with authority and the idea of doing great things.

However, most of the time before the empowerment and authority is given, study, hard work and self–discipline must enter into the equation.

In any area of our lives, careers or Christian walk with God, nothing replaces these attributes. If something is worth having, it is worth working for.

In our society today it is hard to find people who are willing to pay the price for the extraordinary; they are willing to settle for mediocrity and the ordinary.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we have been empowered to continue the ministry He started while on earth. We have been empowered with the authority and power that He possessed.

In Acts chapter one, verse eight, the promise of power is given, after we receive the Holy Spirit.

Notice this power does not come without a price. In order to receive the power, we must receive the Holy Spirit. In order to keep the channels open in which the Spirit can operate, we must dedicate our lives to Him and to His service.

We must make sacrifices in our lifestyles, our habits and our interests.

It is worth the price that must be paid to have the power.

In light of the condition in which we find the world today, we cannot accomplish anything without the power and empowerment which accompanies the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Whatever price is required to be paid, it is worth it to have the privilege and honor to continue the work in the Kingdom of God.

Tony Roberts is the pastor of Abundant Life Church in Alabaster.