Jungle Smoothie cools customers with fresh blends

Published 6:09 pm Friday, May 15, 2009

On a day when humidity in the air made temperatures feel as if they were soaring into the 90s, Chelsea’s Andrea Hunter blended up smooth glasses of refreshment for customers at her new shop Jungle Smoothie.

The shop officially opened May 15.

“It’s been an awesome day,” Hunter said. “Apparently Chelsea was ready for a whole foods smoothie shop.”

Customers quickly made the Strawberry Tropics smoothie, with strawberries, pineapple and coconut, a quick favorite. Hunter said several also seemed drawn to the Acai Safari, which includes the acai, a brazilian berry, as well as blended pomegranate, blackberries and bananas.

Hunter said the shop aims to provide numerous blends of healthy proteins, nutrients and supplements. She said the smoothies are made with whole fruits and high–quality proteins. She also said the shop makes a point of not adding additional sugars.

“We’re really dedicated to a healthy lifestyle,” Hunter said. “In the summer we have a place to grab ice cream–based drinks, but nothing truly healthy.’

She said even the oreo cookie crunch – with its two low–fat oreo cookies – can satisfy a sweet tooth without overloading on calories.

Customers can also request supplements for burning fat, increasing energy, recovering from workouts and repairing joints, for all of the smoothies.

Manager Bobby Turner said they hope customers find the shop an inviting place to stop by.

“We want this to be somewhere that sets itself apart from big franchise,” Turner said. “We want to provide a family atmosphere with all–natural health foods.”

Hunter said the shop also sells protein jugs (created by the University of Pennsylvania), vitamins, organic coffee syrups, lean desserts, muscle milk and protein bars.

Jungle Smoothie will be open at 7 a.m. through the week for breakfast.

The menu for breakfast includes fruit and granola parfaits, stuffed breakfast pretzels with apples and cinnamon, and eventually oatmeal.