Shower moms–to–be with unique gifts

Published 4:08 pm Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby season is upon us and if you are anything like me, that means a baby shower every other week at the least.

When it comes to shopping for these little ones, I want to encourage you to think past the adorable and look for something practical and unique.

Shelby County offers numerous retails to shop and spoil these little ones, starting with Sweet Bobby in Columbiana.

You are likely to fall in love with Sweet Bobby’s offering and with Mandy, Sweet Bobby’s owner. My most practical find for the little guy or gal — a baby diaper stacker that makes for an adorable gift filled with diapers. Get it monogrammed and you will only come away having spent $22, such a savvy buy.

Other great items include their Squirt kitchen line including a baby food dispensing spoon and a toddler friendly bowl, both retailing for $9 each. Monogramming is done in-house at Sweet Bobby and is a must-have for their ever-popular market tote. Perfect for the car or the house, it creates a cute way to keep all the baby items organized and mobile.

Another great place to pick up a baby gift is Chelsea Lane on Highway 280. My favorite item here –– the LuRoo Babies covered wipe cases in a variety of patterns and colors retailing for $29. You are sure to be the only one at the shower with such a unique gift.

Creative ice cream packaging makes Sweet Dreams ‘Pint of PJs’ an adorable and practical gift for $24. For the spiritual woman, the “Blessed Baby” layette is sure to make an impactful gift for only $25.

The last stop on the baby shower search brought me to Fireflies and Fairy Tales in Lee Branch off Highway 280. The top pick here –– the Sleep Sheep retailing for $32 or $26 in a portable size. The super-soft sheep is really a sound machine in disguise, and a perfect addition to any crib.

Also, check out the throw back to sock monkeys of old. Retailing for $37 the updated version of this toy is sure to make any mom smile in reminiscence. Another popular piece is the Hotslings baby pouch for $48 that allows mommy to shop, cook, or clean hands-free with baby safely tucked away.

Think outside-the-box as you check out the pink and blue displays and opt for something even mom can appreciate.