Missionaries devote life to God’s service

Published 12:58 pm Friday, June 5, 2009

Walking around Columbiana you may see two young men in white shirts and ties with backpacks on their backs.

They are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on their two-year mission adventure.

Elder Brown is a third–generation missionary following in the footsteps of his paternal father and grandfather. The oldest of three sons from Arizona, Brown began his two year commitment five months ago. Brown is just 19, the youngest age a man can begin this journey. He has recently come to Columbiana to join Elder Dorr, who has been in Alabama for a year.

Elder Dorr comes from Utah and began his mission work at 25, the oldest age one can be a missionary. His father converted to the Mormon faith and at age 19 began his own mission walk in the Northwest states of Idaho, Washington and Oregon. Dorr is the youngest of six and went to Utah Valley College and worked to raise his funds for his mission work.

These men have had to raise all their financial support for their service to the Lord, approximately $10,000 each. Tradition has them called by their last name only, even in the church they serve.

These dedicated men commit for two years to a life of no TV, no movies, no secular music, no tea or coffee and no girlfriends to serve the Lord. Both Brown and Dorr said their spiritual life has grown exponentially during this time and they have learned about other faiths as they have shared their own with people they meet.

They live with a member of the Columbiana Church of Christ of Latter-day Saints and are provided with a car by their sponsored church. They each provide $400 monthly to the church to pay for rent and expenses.

When asked what is the most important thing they have experienced, both Brown and Dorr said it has been the growth of their own relationship with the Lord, as they have witnessed to others.