UM collecting supplies for soldiers

Published 10:41 am Friday, June 5, 2009

A group of soldiers stationed in Iraq is in dire need, as they have drained their supplies of coffee and photo paper.

Dr. Mary Bartlett has responded to their need by soliciting the help of faculty, staff and students from UM, church congregations in the community and Dollar General stores. The project is jointly coordinated by the Counseling and Family and Consumer Sciences departments.

“As a teacher, I have former students now serving in Iraq, and I like to think that some of my items might make it to them and make their time there a little easier,” said Glee Whitsett, a UM associate professor.

They began collecting donations June 1 and will continue until June 18. People can drop items off on the UM campus. Bartlett said that people are welcome to donate money as well, which can be used to cover shipping costs.

While some items may seem trivial at first, they provide valuable services for men and women overseas. Coffee revitalizes a young soldier who spends each day carting around 50 pounds of gear in the sometimes 115 degree weather. Photo paper allows soldiers to print pictures they receive from their families, giving them a glimpse of the home they love and miss.

Other useful items include playing cards, DVDs, microwave popcorn, cookies, crackers, trail mix, nuts and on-the-go drink packets.

“People do not understand what it’s like to be in a foreign country where you have no luxuries,” Bartlett said. “There are small items that they just can’t get because they don’t have a Wal-Mart.”

Bartlett’s mailing address:

Dr. Mary Bartlett

University of Montevallo

Station 6380

Montevallo, AL 35115